We specialise in acquiring new customers on the international market. We guide each client individually, taking into account the nuances of the industry in which they operate. Our goal is to start or increase sales of our Contractors' products abroad.


In the case of international sales, the most important factor is to correctly identify the market in which the products will be offered. For each product, it is necessary to adopt a suitable strategy or invest a different order of magnitude of resources.


Therefore, our first step is a comprehensive study of potential target markets. Then, we develop a marketing strategy according to which we plan to operate and make a concrete offer of cooperation to our Contractor. In the course of cooperation, the strategy may change due to a deeper understanding of the specifics of the products offered and their potential customers. In this respect, flexibility is very important. 


Patience is crucial in such cooperation. Sales usually do not happen straight away and before this can happen, a certain amount of work has to be done and it takes time to get to know the new market. In the case of one such cooperation, we have increased our partner's revenue by 882% in five years, to an amount of around 2 million eur per year - however, it took several long months of preparation, strenuous work and waiting for the results before we were able to win our first order in foreign markets.... but it was worth it. :)


Importantly, our service is comprehensive, that is, we do not just focus on creating an advertisement but the entire campaign, we guide potential customers interested in buying products from our Contractors from the very beginning until the transaction is concluded. In addition, we take care of the after-sales service so that the acquired customer willingly returns to our Contractor.

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